Black Friday Bargains

Life / Friday, November 9th, 2018

Stop what you’re doing because Black Friday sneak peeks are swarming the internet. If you are like me, shopping is more of a lifestyle and less of a task which is why this semi-fabricated holiday is one of the most anticipated days of the year in my book.

If perusing products and standing in mile-long lines at 5am isn’t your forte, then you’re in luck. I’ve done some research and devised a catalog of the must-have Black Friday deals of 2018 for everyone on your list. Take a look because these are bargains you don’t want to miss.


The Best Black Friday Deals of 2018:

For the wired-up kids

  • Don’t miss your opportunity to win the “parent of the year” award (as determined by the kiddos). This trampoline will cost you under $180 meaning that you will save nearly as much as you spend.

For the health-conscious techie 

  • Save over $50 on the Fitbit Versa by visiting your local Target this holiday season. This watch is complete with a heart rate monitor, personal coaching, fitness & sleep tracking, apps, music, and an extensive battery life (4 days!). You’ll definitely be needing this accessory after you devour a fridge full of pie.

For the aspiring professional athletes

  • While you’re at it with the FitBit, make sure to grab a kid’s Garmin Vivofit activity monitor. They come in neat patterns that your kids will love and at $30 off this is definitely a steal.

For the clumsy college kid

  • Did midterms get the best of you? Did you spill yet another cup of coffee on your keyboard? Has your laptop FINALLY had enough? Best Buy comes to the rescue by offering their MacBook Pro computers for a fraction of the price. Check them out!

For the go-getter handyman

For the vigilant homeowner 

  • I did something very “adult” this year and purchased a Costco membership. This is good news for me because I can take advantage of their awesome wintertime bargains. The Arlo Pro Smart Home security camera is a must-have; for your wallet and your peace of mind. This 3-pack surveillance system is $170 off and can be purchased on the Costco website.

For the practical parent

  • No one goes to Costco to purchase just one item, right? Stick with the status-quo of wholesale shopping and stock up on wrapping paper. You’re going to need it anyway so you might as well save yourself a trip!

For the gadget-loving guru

  • Save more than you will spend by purchasing the 3rd-generation Echo Dot on Amazon. This product received 4.5 stars out of 5 and has over 750 customer reviews. Choose from three colors to perfectly match your home decor.

For the crafty cook

  • We have dad taken care of but we certainly can’t forget about mom! Air fryers are all the rage right now so you might as well be part of the cool crew and purchase this Philips TurboStar version from Kohls. It is $80 off and is recommended by over 90% of its users.

For the quiet-craving sibling

  • Wireless headphones are still immensely popular and Dell is selling their coveted Bose QuietComfort QC35 Series II headphones for under $300. These noise-cancelling headphones will block out your in-laws just in time for the heated family political discussions.


Thank goodness for the internet. In the ~olden days~ people ACTUALLY had to go to the store to find the best deals. God bless. Thankfully, you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy these awesome deals and keep your eyes peeled for more to come within the next couple weeks!


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